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Jembe Percussion Instrument

Our Story

LEO LESTER  musical director and showman who has worked with various groups and musicians, including Internos Las Artes, Grupo Aldo Del Rio, Noel Villar, Luis Angel "El Gato", Rouba, Naciones Unidas, Andy Rubal, and Pico Montano. He has performed at various concerts and festivals, including jazz plaza, art at the ramp, and Rumba Cuba. He was hired by the Dubai-based agency Crystal Group to perform at the Muze club and was later invited to perform in Beirut. He spent 9 months working in Lebanon, where he performed at the Night Club Al Mandaloun and participated in the 2019 Rumba Cuba festival. Currently, he is the musical director of the comparsa Las Sabrosonas.


I LEO LESTER worked at the Muze nightclub in the Souk al Bahar commercial complex and BURKHALIFA lookout, where I worked with my group and was invited to perform ROUBA, a famous singer from the MUSIC HALL of LEBANON AND DUBAI. I also worked with the United Nations band with recognized musicians who had worked with bands such as STING the Police, among other great Arab artists. I made presentations as a showman in Dubai Marina. Upon returning, I was invited by musician ANDY RUBAL to the release of his album at the Cuba Pavilion, sharing the stage with Orlando Valles (Maraca and others) and became a member of his orchestra, participating in two jazz plaza festivals, concerts against the blockade, Piña Colada festival, and May Romerías, presentations in art at the Ramp, concerts for the 35th anniversary of the AHS, all from 2016 to 2018. I participated in the Gala in Saludos al 26 DE JULIO celebrated in Pinar del Rio, participating in several Pedro Junco festivals and other important events in Pinar del Rio. From 2018 to 2019, I went to work in Lebanon for 9 months, where I performed at the NITGH CLUB AL MANDALOUN and throughout Beirut. Upon arrival, I participated in the 2019 Rumba Cuba festival, sponsored by Tata Güines Jr., where I was with the Clave de Rumba group. I was also invited by Tata Güines Jr. to play the drums with his group. I was also called by singer Pico Montano to record the percussion for his current CD "En La Mesa del Bar", which is part of the soundtrack of the telenovela "Vuelve a Mirar" along with composer and singer Raúl Paz. Currently, I am the musical director of the comparsa Las Sabrosonas and perform as a showman.

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