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Sunset Melody

The Full Story


This guitarist and vocalist offers a range of diverse shows and repertoires, each tailored to suit the specific needs of a venue. From Pop Music of the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, to classical guitar concerts, this performer brings a level of versatility that is unmatched.

A German Cova Guitarist Photo (1).jpg
A German Cova Guitarist Photo (1).jpg


With a vast repertoire of over 250 songs in Spanish, English, and other languages, this artist has a wealth of music to choose from, including both lively tunes and quiet ballads that are perfect for both dancing and conversation. But what sets this artist apart is their innovative approach to performance. By incorporating drum and percussion loops, they create the illusion of a duet, adding depth and energy to each performance.

A German Cova Guitarist Photo 2 (2).jpg


Whether they're performing Flamenco and Latin music for a dance and party, or paying tribute to the legendary Paco de Lucia, this artist brings passion and energy to each performance, captivating audiences with their musical talent and skill. Their diverse repertoire and innovative approach to performance make them the perfect choice for any venue.

A German Cova Guitarist Photo 2 (2).jpg
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