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Sabrina Montgomery



Passion for Creative Arts, Humanities, Music, Fashion The Art of Life.

her transformation of life through music has set her on  a  journey of adventure that has taken this songstress around the world sharing her gift with others.

Jazz, R&B, Gospel and Contemporary Popular music is not only a cultural heritage but her true expression as a singer.

Her company Jet Set Jass Inc. has supoorted many independent artists from USA, Australia, South America, Russia, United Kingdom, Turkey, China, South Africa.  

Sabrina Montgomery has bravely travelled the world alone in pursuit of opportunities for herself and others.  Working with various luxury Brands. 

Her music is nostalgic, romantic, classic Jazz from yester-year as well as modern genres; be it Lounge Music , R&B and Oriental Fusion she feels comfortable in her stylistic form of expression through the voice.


Sabrina Montgomery works are extensive through the genres of   Jazz, R&B, Contemporary Pop, Latin Brazilian, Classical, House Music and other blends of musical styles in the way that a painter would create a portrait.


Her canvas is Life, Love and tenderness as she creates musical blends that intrigue and tantalize the listener.  Sabrina's improvisational skills and keen passion for the Arts are woven within this website and her objective is to support her fellow musicians. 

Her skills are to create opportunities for her fellow musicians as well as provide the listener with beautiful expressions of the music. 


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